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SER.M.I. S.R.L. is a port company operating at Pozzallo port since 1993 as reference point of all sicilian operators in the sector within the province of Ragusa and its immediate hinterland for importing and exporting cargo by sea.
SER.M.I. S.R.L. indeed changed Pozzallo’s port figure, which at the time laid down the ground work for the first navigation routes from Brazil, India, and South Africa relatively to the loads of fine granite intended for the hinterland territory continuing later till the most recent periods.
SER.M.I. S.R.L. a historic company founded with Pozzallo port re-invented the trades to conduct at Pozzallo port, shipping lines, shipping companies, and cargo movements that before where unimaginable for the community of Ragusa and for its hinterland companies even the promotion and international agreements for new services of container lines from Pozzallo to the five continents.

SER.M.I S.R.L is endowed with the largest machinery capacity in power and scope

which makes out of this company one of the biggest in Sicily with an abnorm disposal of 5 cranes of swl 100 tons carrying capacity, fork lifts from 5 to 45 tons, 20 cbm bucket, 45 ton reach steaker, automatic spreaders of 20 – 40 feet, hydraulic hoppers for the discharge of bulk cargoes, electronic and computerized poise for cargo weighing, bobcats, mechanical workshop, deposits and custom clearence warehouses for national and foreign cargoes internal and external of Pozzallo port with a total area of 50.000 square meters, and a container terminal within the port of the MSC company which is the second company of the world in container line traffic as well of all the other companies that regularly benefit.

The type of goods and cargoes handled by SER.M.I S.R.L are very diverse and include:

  • solid cargoes: marble & granite blocks, pipes of various thickness handled with safety machinery equipment, iron and aluminum, various wood, galvanized coils, fertilizers in big bags, various goods on pallets, slabs.
  • special cargoes: wind towers, vanes, shaped parts
  • conatiners 20 & 40 feet: open top, high cube, SER.M.I S.R.L other and above all is the official terminalist of the major companies that regularly benefit of Pozzallo port.
  • bulk cargo: fertilizers, aggregates, carob, grain, field beans, barley, corn, sorghum, soia, sunflower, beet.

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